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How Should You Choose White Women´s T-Shirt According To Body Type?

How Should You Choose White Women´s T-Shirt According To Body Type?

If you have a white t-shirt in your closet, your wardrobe is not completely completed. White women’s t-shirt models, which are the savior of the summer months, have a feature that will come to your rescue whenever you need to be prepared quickly. It is also one of the important parts of a fast and stylish and high quality combi boiler.

From the moment you wear white women’s t-shirts , you can feel very comfortable, pleasant and stylish that day. Especially in those seasons, it is the right season to wear a white T-shirt! In fact, for women’s white t-shirt not see-through , it would not be right to say that it is a summer shirt only. At least I’m one of those who think these shirts are seasonal. Obviously, the reason we think this way is because it adapts easily to every style, every posture and every situation .

Although white female t-shirt is simplified by some people, I think it is one of the most important pieces that every woman or even man should have in her wardrobe. Especially indispensable t-shirt for stylish women. If you want to invest in the right pieces , I adopt a simple but elegant clothing style, I am sure that you will love these t-shirts too.

It is best to combine plain clothes with accessories and to add elegance. In our previous article, we wrote an article on the theme of ” white claw women’s t shirt” Savior of the Summer months. However, each body structure is different from each other. Therefore, it is useful to choose your white t-shirts according to your body shapes.

White women´s tshirt
White women´s tshirt


1) For Those With Narrow Shoulders

Each of us has different body sizes . Some of us are tall and some of us are short. Some of us may have a narrow shoulder. If you have such a shoulder structure, the most suitable for you are cycling neckline and boat neck t-shirts.

T-shirts that sit on the collarbone or have a very close collar cut will draw attention to the shoulders and make the upper body more balanced so that your body will have a more proportional appearance.

Crew neck and boat neckline show thin neck , face, shoulders and small breasts proportionally. If you have a curvy body , your neck is short or your shoulders are wide, such collars can make your body look larger than it is.

You should make sure that the shoulder seams are in the right place and fit perfectly, which means that the stitch goes beyond its natural shoulder .

2) For Those With Wide Shoulders

Women with wide shoulders have an athletic appearance. So they have to round their body contours and dress them to make them a little more feminine. For this, you should choose the models that have the V-neck shape, which is the exact opposite of the t- shirt you wear .

Especially thanks to the deep V-neck white women’s t shirt , it will make you show your body longer because you will draw attention to your face. If you have a petite body tee, this model is for you!

white female t-shirts
white female t-shirts


3) For Those With Big Breasts

First of all, if you have a large breasted body structure, the collar detail is very important for you in choosing white women’s t shirts . Women who have larger breasts than their body prefer the V-neck t-shirts , so they will make the posture proportionate as it will look slimmer.

In addition to the V-neck, the sleeve-length t-shirts, which we call half-arm or short-sleeve, help you look more proportional if you are of this body type . You should not prefer very narrow cuts in these models . Because too narrow models will make you stand out from the breasts.

4) For Those With Apple Body Type

We know that those with apple body shape have excess in the abdomen. The upper regions are thicker and rather foreground to the lower regions . Therefore, the clothes we choose should be distracting parts in that region.

If you have an apple type body shape, you should definitely stay away from shirts with a round neckline . Because this style t-shirt cuts the neck, it will make your upper body appear shorter and thicker. Therefore, you should make your T-shirt preference for T-shirts that will make your neck and neck look longer.

Other models that you should stay away from are fabrics with a lot of mixed and colorful d clothing, models with excess accessories. Because these models make your body look bigger. That’s why you should prefer plain, especially white plain V-neck t-shirts . This will help you look thinner and taller .

5) For Women With Small Breasts

Unlike women with large breasts, they can easily wear t-shirts with large patterns and remarkable pockets in the chest area. Thus , they camouflage small breasts . You can wear many models in strapless style, especially for women with large breasts. That’s why we can say that you are glorious.

You can also use neck ties, bow detailed white t-shirts .

White Women´s t-shirt
White Women´s t-shirt

6) For Those With Pear Type Body Shape

The most prominent feature in those with pear-type body shape is that the hip areas are clearly thicker in the upper regions. Therefore, when choosing a t-shirt for yourself, be careful to choose parts that you can draw attention to your chest area and camouflage your hips .

It will make you look more massive than you are combinations that will make your hips stand out. Therefore, you can choose a collar that emphasizes the breasts and sits on the chest when choosing a t-shirt. Especially the models called heart collar for your body type are quite suitable.

If you also add an accessory in the style of a scarf or scarf to your combi and draw attention to your neck, you can correct the unbalanced distribution in your body proportionally. Also, avoid putting it into your best women’s white t shirt pants that you are wearing and leave it out to cover your hips.

If possible, you should prefer slightly loose t-shirt models that expand towards the hip. Thus, you will close the width of your hips and hips to some extent.


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