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Pay Attention While Choosing T-Shirt Models!

In recent years, ‘casual’, or ‘comfortable’ clothing fashion, has become very common especially among young people. For those who love to dress comfortably and who care about their style, the clothing product they do not miss from their closets is also t-shirts. Whether it’s basic t-shirts or polo- collar t-shirts can be a part of your elegance in every season and in any environment. The only thing that needs to be done for this is to know the points to be considered while buying a T-shirt. So, what are the factors to be considered when choosing among t-shirt models ?

     When choosing among T- shirt models, it should be noted that the cotton ratio is high:

The highest rate of cotton should be preferred in all apparel products, including not only T-shirts but also underwear purchased. Especially, the preference of hot air- to- wear polyester-weighted tshirt models causes sweat and odor as it prevents air permeability. For this reason, synthetic and polyester t-shirts, shirt-style clothing products are not recommended primarily for health.

T-shirt Modeleri - Green t-shirt
T-shirt Modeleri – Green t-shirt


     It should have an average price:

Another point to consider when choosing among T-shirt models is its price. Very cheap t-shirts can discolor with two or three washes or the fabric texture may deteriorate. The long-term fading and deterioration of your T-shirt models for high-quality t-shirt sure to get.

     It should be compatible with other clothing pieces:

You can simply wear the T-shirt on a pair of trousers, or you can combine it with pieces like cardigans, jackets or scarves. Having a V-neck T-shirt, which you will prefer in jackets and cardigans, being in a lightly draped model and having plain pastel colors, will help you to provide a much more elegant look.

● The length of the shirt should be ideally sized :      

There are many clothing products that stand under a tunic-style hip or as a short. An important point to consider when buying a t-shirt is the length of the t-shirt, since the shirt is too short or too long will affect the image. The ideal t-shirt length should not stand either on the hips or under the hips. Ideally, the shirt should end just below the hip bone. Adjusting the size of the shirt is an important and fine line that needs attention.

     T-shirt suitable for the size should be chosen:

When choosing between T-shirt models, each person should know their body well and choose their t-shirt accordingly. For example, women with large breasts open V-neck T-shirts are preferred, while those under the waist and belly portion overweight or patterned vertical striped shirts terci should h. They should stay away from large patterned or horizontal striped t-shirts. Women with wide shoulders are advised to stay away from boat neck t-shirts to prevent them from showing their shoulders even wider when choosing a t-shirt.

women´s t-shirt models
women´s t-shirt models


     The collar of the shirt should be suitable:

Another point to consider when choosing a T-shirt is the collar of the t-shirt. T-shirts that do not close, tighten and have a wide collar should be preferred. Especially V-neck, oval collar or square collar t-shirts provide a more pleasant look because they leave the neck area exposed. Let’s give a little tip right here; T-shirts help to provide a weaker appearance as the depth of the V-neck increases, but square collar t-shirts should not be preferred as they make women with larger upper-breasts and breasts appear more fat and large-breasted.

     Wide t-shirts should be preferred over narrow t-shirts:

T-shirts with wide and light shades should be preferred over narrow and body-hugging t-shirts. Thus, image defects caused by excess weight will not cause any aesthetic discomfort. T-shirts that provide comfortable movement inside, fully close the navel and do not tighten the sleeves are more pleasant in terms of appearance.

     T-shirt fabric thickness:

Individuals with an overweight structure are recommended to choose among t-shirt models with a thinner and softer fabric structure. However, if you are weak, the thickness of your T-shirt fabrics may be slightly stiffer or thicker. T-shirts that are sewn from fabrics that are suitable for all weather conditions should be preferred, especially during the summer season.

     Attention should be paid to the T-shirt print quality:

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of prints on t-shirts with combed or lacost fabric. Having a stylish design, printing using high quality paint and printing in vivid colors are among the issues that need special attention when choosing a t-shirt.

     The stitches should be of good quality:

Quality t-shirts should have double stitches. After washing, make sure that the stitches are sewn with a smooth stitch so that the t-shirt does not deteriorate. Otherwise, a tee with broken stitching will also lead to a simple and poor quality look.

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