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Hoodie Fashion and Interesting History

Hoodie Fashion and Interesting History


Hoodie fashion
Hoodie fashion

Hoodie Fashion From Past to Present

Few style transformations around the world have been as remarkable as in hoodie fashion . Sweatshirts, which have their origins in medieval Europe, have existed both as a style and a form of rulings since the day they appeared. Looking at the history of hooded sweatshirts, it can be understood why billions of people with different styles are also located in the wardrobe.

First Hooded Clothing in 1910s

Hoodie history dates back to Medieval Europe. While the priests wore hooded tunics (known as ukuleta) with hoods, those working outside also wore similar capes (known as chaperon). As we know from the current series and movies, ukulet clothes have been a documented part of men’s and women’s clothing for centuries. The word “hood” is derived from the word “höd” from the word Anglo-Saxon, which bears the same root as the word “hat”.

First Hooded Sweatshirt in the 1930s

Founded in 1919, the US company Champion made the first hoodie sweatshirts in the 1930s. The company was trying methods to sew thicker materials, and when it developed these methods, it started making thicker t-shirts. Initially, Upstate added titles to these thick sweats to keep workers warm during the winter months in New York. Soon after, Champion Firm began producing sports kits, including sweatshirts with this title for physical training work and physical training classes for the US Army.

1970 – Rebellion and Fashion

The hip hop culture that developed in New York in the 1970s was important in the spread of sweatshirts. Because hoodie fashion allowed unlimited movement for dance routines and helped hide the identities of graffiti artists on the street. In California, skaters’ attempts to preserve their lifestyle, whether legal or not, with the rejection of mainstream culture and the closure of many skate parks, also created a rebellious appearance. To foster this rebellious stance, the music in the region turned towards hard core Punk, and hooded sweatshirts became the basis for rebellious culture. The release of “Rocky” in 1976 added another layer of symbols for hooded sweatshirs. Filmed in Philadelphia, the film tells the story of how untrained but kind hearted Italian-American amateur boxer Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone) had a chance at the world heavyweight championship. The Rocky movie won three Oscars and is considered the best sports drama movie of all time. The gray marl silhouette has become a symbol of harsh blows and work ethic, further reinforcing the hood’s connection to the working class roots.

1980s – The Footsteps of Hoodie Fashion

In the 80s, it became part of a look associated with hoodie fashion. The adoption of this audience began with the parallel popularity of hip-hop from the USA; The rappers modeled themselves to mimic their strength and status after the athletes. Hiphop culture and American designer Norma Kamali, thanks to the first designers to adopt new clothes sweatshirt fashion moved to the podium. At the same time, universities began to decorate hooded T-shirts with their names and badges.

1990s and 2000s – Marginal Hoodie Fashion

The term hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, was first introduced in the 1990s. Unfortunately, this name has now caused negative connotations after being associated with some negative aspects of guilt and marginalized subcultures. This style of clothing also became a representative of a marginal rebellious stance, as crimes were often committed with hooded sweatshirts to hide. In 2005, the famous Bluewater Mall in New York banned customers wearing hooded sweatshirts from entering the mall. Ironically, however, these clothes continued to be sold in the stores there. In July 2006, David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, delivered a speech saying that the hood was used for defense rather than offensive use. The Workers’ Party made the speech famous as “embracing hooded sweatshirts.” This is one of the many examples that the hoodie – rather than any iconic style of clothing – evokes very strong social, economic and political ideas and emotions.

2012 reminded that hoodie (hooded sweatshirts) can always be used as a form of expression, positive or negative. Mark Zuckerberg caused great excitement by wearing a hooded coat to meet Wall Street investors, who were seen as a power movement. This may not be a deliberate stance, but it excited the rebels.

Hoodie fashion
Hoodie fashion

Today’s Hoodie

Even though hooded ones, which are one of the most important parts of your wardrobe, come into our lives with sweatshirts, they can now be used in coats, t-shirts, jacket models and even shirts. Although sweatshirts are considered mainly among the sought-after parts of sporty combinations, today’s fashion trend has managed to make it a joker piece that can be combined with all clothes. So much so, whether on a shimmering skirt, dress or trousers, or on a casual and casual sweatpants, hoodies can do a great job every time. Championhoodies.com also serves as a company that has adopted the principle of bringing you the most distinguished among the sweatshirts that have caught a certain trend in the world. The colorful sweatshirt models from each other allow you to get the posture of any style you are looking for. Especially power to the women of the world slogan sweatshirts help you display the rebellious stance you are looking for, while helping you to adapt to the fashion as you wish with rainbow sweatshirt models made up of Rainbow colors for more soft combinations.

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