Giggly Gargles 2 Pack Hygiene Salt Oral Rinse & Mouth Sanitizer


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When It Comes to Oral Hygiene

How? Himalayan Salt Hygiene Oral Rinse. Himalayan Salt is a powerful healer. It is the most purest salt on earth with naturally occurring more than 48 minerals in it. When formulated in the right concentration which is 9%W/V, it scrubs away the bacteria waste deep down in the fibers of your tongue, mouth, gums and tissues back in your throat, helping eliminate the source of bacterial infections in mouth, gums, and in throat tissues. It helps you to get rid of bad breath. 

Other Mouth washes just cover the smell which does not really sanitize the mouth. Oral washes with alcohol, supplicates and foaming agents make your mouth dry which is the long run promotes the bacterial growth. 

Himalayan Salt Giggle Gargles oral rinse is designed and formulated to work better to provide the best best oral hygiene. 

How does salt help with sore throat bacteria? 

“ You are creating a high salt barrier and you are pulling out a lot of fluids from the tissues in the throat area so are washing the virus out. The Salt functions as a magnet for water. It is good for symptomatic relief ”  Dr Sam Huh Chief of Otolaryngology

How Salt Kills Bacteria : 

• Dehydrates the cell 

• Eventually leads to cell death 

Salt Sucks all the water out of the bacteria which leads to cell death 


  • Instantly sanitize mouth  by rinsing 3 times a day or after every meal
  • Provide soothing relief of minor throat irritation, dry mouth, cankers sores and bad breathe
  • Provide soothing relief of minor throat irritation 
  • Mouthwash solution made in significant part of salt, water, for mouth and throat rinsing 
  • Oral hygiene of the future and delicious salty after taste
  • Contains Premium Quality Himalayan Pink Salt 9%w/v
  • Himalayan Salt Naturally contains 84 minerals including calcium, magnesium, fluoride etc in it
  • No added Fluoride. Fluoride naturally occurs in Himalayan Salt


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